On August 19th of 1942, Maybach received a request to install the Panther's Maybach HL 230 P30 engine in the Tiger, in place of its Maybach HL 230 P45. Maybach conducted a study and found that by angling the Tiger's rear armor plate outward by 2 degrees, the Panther's engine, as well as all of its cooling and ventilation could be made to fit the Tiger. Maybach then proposed that after 200 Tigers had been produced, around April 1943, production could then switch over to the HL 230 P30 engine. The tank was dubbed VK45.02, as it would come between the VK45.01 (Tiger), and VK45.03 (Tiger II). It is worthy of note that at the time of this proposal, only 9 Tigers had been made.

Before the end of August, Albert Speer had shut down this idea.


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