• How is 'Top speed' different from 'Speed, Road'?

Top speed, in most cases, is the absolute fastest the vehicle could go under perfect conditions (brand new vehicle on a dry, smooth road). Road speed is the highest speed you would see the vehicle doing under normal circumstances.


ß -This is an eszett, or sharp s. It is pronounced 'sz'.

Umlauts -These are two little dots that appear above some vowels (ä, ö, and ü). When a vowel has an umlaut, it is pronounced as if it was followed by an e. Example, Panzerjäger, pronounced Panzerjaeger.

Legend and AcronymsEdit

When two or more companies produced their own version of the same vehicle, the vehicle's name is followed by the company's name's initials in parentheses, to distinguish between different versions.

  • (A) -Ardelt
  • (DB) -Daimler-Benz
  • (K) -Krupp
  • (MAN) -Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg (MAN)
  • (P) -Porsche
  • (Rh) -Rheinmetal
  • (V) -Vomag

When equipment originated out of Germany, whether captured or produced for the Germans, its name is followed by the first letter of the German name for the unit's country of origin. This letter is always lower-case, and in parentheses.

  • (a) -United States of America
  • (b) -Belgium
  • (d) -Germany, Deutschland (this was only used on the Germanized Panzer 38(d), to distinguish it from the Czechslovak version)
  • (e) -England
  • (f) -France
  • (g) -Greece
  • (h) -Holland, The Netherlands
  • (i) -Italy
  • (j) -Yugoslavia (Jugoslawien in German)
  • (n) -Norway
  • (ö) -Austria (Österreich in German)
  • (p) -Poland
  • (r) -Russia/Soviet Union
  • (t) -Czechoslovakia (Tschechoslowakei in German)
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